How to verify whether a website is legitimate or not?:

lunes, 10 de junio de 2024

How long does a fraudulent website remain active?

Update on 14/6/24 - both sites remain active.

According to my paper published in 2017, the median lifespan of a fraudulent website was one and a half years."

Let's revisit this topic with these two examples of fraudulent websites targeting Swiss luxury watches.

Fraudulent web:

The domain is already older than 1 year according to Domaintools:

Fraudulent website:

Domain was registered around 265 days ago:

I won't be linking the fraudulent websites to prevent anyone from accidentally visiting them. However, as of the time of this post, both websites are still active. Let's see how long they manage to stay online, providing us with real-time insights into the lifespan of such deceptive sites.

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