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martes, 24 de noviembre de 2015

Massive campaign of FAKE sites pretending to be official e-commerce shops of luxury brands

A massive campaign of luxury brands being spread among FAKE e-commerce shops has been spotted in the wild with the proximity to the black Friday and Christmas seasons.

This campaign has been unveiled thanks to research involved with the project. Currently is the only online tool able to let you know whether a website is fake or not, and I am working in a yet simplest tool, (thanks to the API available) to avoid users being lured by the online counterfeiters.

Recently Google published a research about the underground market fueling for-profit abuse, where you can see a full example of the underground value chain required to make money from spamming knock off luxury products.

The below table from the research paper presented called my attention:

as we can see the profit centers are divided based on different kind of threats. And while almost all of them are included in the plethora amount of source intelligence providers available nowadays, there is one threat which is not included yet and the revenue for the bad actors is almost the same as the infamous Zeus banking trojan.

Another thing which called my attention from the research paper was the lack of quantitative data. While we can have a full picture of how the blackmarket is structured, we are unaware of the luxury and fashion brands being targeted by this threat known as: online counterfeit. Therefore i will show below some examples of how the FAKE websites are looking and the kind of brands being targeted by this blackmarket.

So far the project is able to detect more than 120 different brands and it has collected more than 2.600 FAKE websites targeting them. As one picture is worth a thousand words, below is only a small extract of the FAKE websites being flagged as such by

Burberry fake website

Armani fake website

Salvatore Ferragamo fake website

Valentino fake website

Goyard fake website

Gucci fake website

Louis Vuitton fake website

Oakley fake website

RayBan fake website

Longchamp fake website

Tiffany & co fake website

NFL fake website

The North Face fake website

Jordan fake website

Moncler fake website

Michael Kors fake website

Asics fake website

New Balance fake website

Nike fake website

Converse fake website

MBT fake website

Calvin Klein fake website

Tory Burch Fake website

Prada fake website

Manolo Blahnik fake website

Abercrombie fake website

Hogan fake website

UGG fake website

Belstaff fake website

Barbour fake website

Hollister fake website

Panerai fake website

GHD fake website

Christian Louboutin fake website

Pandora fake website

Timberland fake website
Thomas Sabo fake website

Coach fake website

Balenciaga fake website

 Tod's fake website

 Flitflop fake website

 Hacked website related with the counterfeit