How to verify whether a website is legitimate or not?:

lunes, 22 de agosto de 2016

How to cope with the online counterfeiting in the right way

Based on the last OECD/EUIPO report (2016), the trade in counterfeit and pirated good amounted to up to 2.5% of world trade in 2013.

The main luxury, fashion and sports brands are being targeted online, many take some proactive measures such as trying to take down the websites affecting their brand, but it is a cat and mouse play, as new FAKE sites will pop it up like mushrooms.

But the Alexander Wang brand has set a precedent; a kind of warning to counterfeiters, as it has just won a $90 million lawsuit against 459 FAKE websites targeting their brand. It does not mean the wining brand will see some millions from this lawsuit as the FAKE sites owners did not show up in court. But the key point is that today it would be more difficult for potential Alexander Wang customers to be victims of online fraud than any other brand, as below (despite their social media efforts).