How to verify whether a website is legitimate or not?:

miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

Feed of fake websites affecting to any luxury brand

The API is in a continuous work mode. Now there is available a new feature to gather information about compromised sites for a given brand.

Let's say for example you are the responsible of the Brand protection department of RayBan. Then you could gather all the FAKE URLs affecting to your brand in order to either send them over the legal department to take action on them or to integrate this intelligence in your in house monitoring system such as Splunk to get KPIs and fancy dashboards.

 The information that might provide you will be something similar to the below picture (the urls are masked with their MD5 hash):

You will have the following fields:

URL: FAKE website affecting to your brand
Status: Status of the website which may change over time, the information is updated under demand but usually in a weekly basis. And the main status might be:
  • 200: The FAKE URL is active and the counterfeiters are happy.
  • Taken down: The FAKE URL has been taken down by the legal counselors of the brand as any of this.
  • URL error: The website does not exist anymore.
  • Socket error: It has not been possible to gather status information either because the domain does not exist anymore or because timeout issues.
Last check: It is the date of the last time the website status was checked.

There are additional fields but those are so far the ones who are available through the public API.

Full information about the API is available here.