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miércoles, 6 de noviembre de 2019

Fraudulent websites masquerading as different types of Spanish official applications

Update [08.11.2019]: Actors behind this massive online fraud are not only targeting Spanish public services, but also US based as shown below:

Fishing and hunting license in Florida -->

Fishing license in Texas -->

Fishing license in Michigan -->

Fishing license in Georgia -->

This group of fraudsters have also registered a government alike domain:
which at the time of writing this has just a landing page, the only purpose of these misleading domains (either once the website has been built up or just using the domain to send more credible phishing mails) is to lure users to steal their money and personal information:

end of update.

Fraud campaign in Spain:

Register of death? --> /

Official documents (with apostilla)? -->

Criminal certificate? -->

Birth certificate? -->

Marriage certificate? -->

European health card? -->

And so on with dozens of similar official certificates. This is common online fraud where fraudsters set up professional-looking websites to lure unsuspected users. Users unaware of how the bureaucracy system would work in Spain will look online to get a certificate based on their specific needs and they will end up on a fraudulent site like any of those. 

After the user submit its details and pay the fee, the website will show the user an error on the payment and the fraud is done. Money is available on the pocket of fraudsters and the victim receives nothing.

Never, ever buy services from a website whose legitimacy you are not sure about, in case of doubt just use the webservice or ask us through the contact form.

The actor behind such fraudulent webs is a business registered in Florida (EEUU): Global Trading Solutions LLC, also associated with multimillionaire crypto fraud, and there is also an open investigation in a Spanish court.

Remember, if you have any doubt before making any purchase online, just use to avoid being lured.

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