How to verify whether a website is legitimate or not?:

martes, 24 de mayo de 2016

How to spot a FAKE website

There are several tips about how to check whether a website is FAKE or not, but all of them require 8 different manual checks or even more.

Do not wast your time: just use to know with just 1 click whether a website is FAKE or not.

Let's take for example this website:

which was automatically flagged as FAKE by

but as long as the FAKE website is online has been able to lure to dozens of unsuspected users, and counting, as you can check it out in the below blog post created by some victim to raise awareness about the aforementioned FAKE site.

"If any of the victims would have check it out previously the website address in, they would have discovered that website is not safe to do business with."

" If you do not trust on a website, desenmsacaralo (unmask it) to see what is behind it "

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