How to verify whether a website is legitimate or not?:

lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Good sites used in phishing attacks (Hacked sites)

The talk: Hard lessons learned while defending Gmail users" by Elie Bursztein, Anti-Spam and abuse research Lead @Google, provide key lessons the Gmail team learned the hard way while protecting Gmail for over a decade, so everyone involved in building an online product can benefit from them.

I would like to highlight the Key Challenges they will face in 2016:

I like specially the "hacked site" challenge. For them, when a site is hacked they have to react very quickly but at the same time it is very hard for them to reach those people that have been hacked. 

But what kind of good sites are being hacked?, despite of the PwnedWebsites resource to keep track of worth to mention websites which has been pwned, past statistics show revealed that legitimate websites visited by mass audiences have the highest concentration of online security threats than those pornography, pharmaceutical or gambling sites.

Remember, if you have a website you always may use in order to know whether your website is an easy target for the bad guys or not.

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