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jueves, 28 de enero de 2016

Trust seals are useless

A trust seal is a seal granted by an entity to website or businesses for display. Often the purpose is demonstrate to customers that this business is concerned with security and their business identity. [Wiki]

Trust seal examples

This conversation about trust seal in websites is old and sometimes lead to wrong assumptions. It’s not the actual security of your page that matters the most to users as they have little to no technical understanding of how HTTP works (and they should NOT have). Rather it is the confidence a website show prior to make any purchase with them to that’s of importance to this vast majority of users.

Why am I speaking about this?, cause today I come across a website with this 'Hacker safe' seal:

which was compromised to store a FAKE website selling Adidas products, nothing secret, even Google knew something strange was going on it:

This compromised website had a low security awareness value based on (-65), and it end up storing a FAKE website with a useless 'Hacker Safe' seal, therefore remember:

" If you do not trust on a website, unmask it to see what is behind it "

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